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BbWorld and DevCon 2016
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89937 - Registration and Info Desk Open Registration and Info Desk Open 12 Hours Registration
89938 - DevCon Continental Breakfast Monday DevCon Continental Breakfast 1 Hour Meal
89941 - DevCon Reception Party with other DevCon attendees tonight, 80's style! There will be lots of great surprises and fan favorites to transport us back to that great decade. 120 Minutes Reception
89943 - Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall (Sponsored by Examity) Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall (Sponsored by Examity) 120 Minutes Reception
89944 - BbWorld Breakfast Wednesday Thank you to our Ruby Sponsor, Burning Glass Technologies! 75 Minutes Meal
89950 - Afternoon break in exhibit hall (Wed) Mingle with exhibitors and enjoy a break in the exhibit hall. 70 Minutes Break
89951 - Client Appreciation Party What better way to close out BbWorld than a party? There will be food, music, dancing and more! See you there. 180 Minutes Reception
90375 - Registration & Info Desk Open Registration & Info Desk Open 7 Hours Registration
91092 - BbWorld Breakfast Thursday Breakfast in Exhibit Hall 75 Minutes Meal
91093 - BbWorld Lunch Thursday Thank you to our official BbWorld Live sponsor: Sonic Foundry 1 Hour Meal
92176 - International welcome lunch and reception Blackboard International customers are invited to have lunch together on Tuesday before BbWorld officially begins! Network with like-minded peers from across the globe! 50 Minutes Meal
92624 - Afternoon break in exhibit hall (Thurs) Mingle with exhibitors and enjoy a break in the exhibit hall. 70 Minutes Break
92681 - K-12 Reception Join your K-12 peers for a light reception this evening. See you there! 120 Minutes Reception
GES88470 - DEVCON: Blackboard Architect Round Table Blackboard’s Mike Mast will lead a panel of Blackboard Software Architects to close DevCon 2016. There will be question boxes around the space, allowing for questions to be placed throughout the conference. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions for the team that designs Blackboard products and get answers directly from the source. 75 minutes General Session Alex Varju
Dave Arsenault
Karen Hartman
Mike Mast
Reinhold Staudinger
Tom Beecher
Jay White
GS88545 - Blackboard Technology State of the Union To kickoff DevCon 2016, this year’s keynote will highlight some of Blackboard’s key initiatives to strengthen and grow our support for developers in the last year. Peter George, Senior Vice President of Product Development, will discuss REST API technical previews for Learn, ongoing work to support Building Blocks and LTI capabilities, the benefits of updating to Java 8, and the newly launched Developer space on the Blackboard Community site. He’ll be joined by other Blackboard leaders in Product Development to showcase our roadmap for the integrations and extensions that let developers make the most of their learning tools. 60 minutes General Session Mike Mast
Mike Sharkey
Peter George
GS88546 - 5 Soft Skills Every Software Developer Should Know Technical skills are great, but they can only take you so far in your career. Top earning software engineers know the importance of focusing on soft skills and personal development to achieve high levels of success. In this no-fluff talk about soft skills, I'll give you 5 soft skills from my best selling book, "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual," that you can start implementing today to not only see a drastic improvement in your career, but in your life in general. 90 minutes General Session John Sonmez
GS89779 - General Session: Innovating for the future: customer-centric solutions Blackboard is thoughtfully innovating to solve your most pressing problems, and inspiring learners’ everywhere. Learn more about what Blackboard is doing for local organizations, and how your institution benefits.   And don’t miss Captain Mark Kelly deliver the closing keynote address, sharing his perspective on non-traditional learning and the use of analytics apply to education in space—and in everyday life.  This closing session will be full of inspirational moments and many exciting surprises. Sponsored by: IBM 105 Minutes General Session
GS89942 - General Session: Unveiling Blackboard's latest developments We’ve built an exciting conference dedicated to the topics that matter most to you. Hear from Blackboard leaders, including new CEO, Bill Ballhaus, and SVP, Katie Blot, as they unveil the latest developments designed to help customers: • Leverage data-driven insights • Transform the student journey • Take advantage of the latest features of the Learn platform • Optimize student outcomes • Assess and implement mission-critical initiatives 2 Hours General Session
GS89945 - General Session: Fueling success: learner-focused strategies Hear from peers representing K-12, Higher Ed, and Corporate/Government Education institutions discuss the unique and compelling ways they’re getting to know their learners. Panelists will deep-dive into the tools and strategies they’re employing to fuel student success, including: • Leveraging data to improve outcomes and student support • Redefining the roles of faculty and learners • Harnessing the power of innovations and solutions that help narrow the achievement gap   105 Minutes General Session
LEC46068 - Leveraging LTI: Integrating Office Hours with Blackboard Face-to-face contact between students and faculty/administrators is a key driver of student success and retention. To that end, Princeton University has developed an application that facilitates the online scheduling of office hours and advising appointments. WASE (Web Appointment Scheduling Engine) scheduled over 50K appointments last year. WASE is integrated with Blackboard Learn through LTI and web services. I will demo WASE and discuss the value of delivering this service through Blackboard Learn. 50 Minute Lecture Serge Goldstein
LEC46160 - Best practices when using video in Blackboard Learn The use of video (YouTube, Lecture Capture, NBC Learn, etc.) is becoming more and more available and robust in academia. How can your institution use Blackboard Learn to maximize the use of videos in its online classrooms? What videos do learners really watch? This session will focus on the best practices of creating and using video within Blackboard Learn, applying insights from data to support learners' viewing habits. 50 Minute Lecture Justin Carrell
Isaac Belcher
LEC46265 - Preparing on-ground faculty for online teaching Since 2012, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has been transitioning senior faculty members from teaching face-to-face courses exclusively to teaching both face-to-face and online. In this session, Instructional Technology Manager Mark Nowowiejski will draw on his experiences preparing Carey faculty for this transition, sharing best practices, common pit-falls, and discussing the importance of scalable solutions in preparing novice Blackboard instructors for their first fully online experience. 50 Minute Lecture Mark Nowowiejski
LEC46318 - ActiveMQ: a candid conversation between Blackboard Learn administrators Since the introduction of Learn 9.1, one of the most recurring problems Learn administrators have had to face has involved ActiveMQ. This session will delve into what ActiveMQ is, why it's a thorn in administrators' sides, and potential solutions to common issues that arise. 50 Minute Lecture Paul Atkinson
LEC47093 - 50 in 50 There are a wide array of FREE teaching and Learning tools available to instructors now. This session will highlight 50 technology tools ranging from infographics to plagiarism and gaming apps to screen capture in 50 minutes that instructors can incorporate into the learning process for free. 50 Minute Lecture Vicki Sahr
LEC47095 - Making it simple: automate Blackboard administration using SIS integration GVSU has been using a SIS Integration for several years, and has developed ways to simplify user engagement opportunities. The university creates courses, users, and enrollments with SIS, but have started populating the hierarchy with courses and users based on Banner enrollments. It also uses data from Banner to create Academic Advising sites for individual advisors with their advisees enrolled. This integration enables the university to create organizations for academic units with students enrollments based on the applicable major or minor. 50 Minute Lecture Katie Clark
LEC47113 - Enhancing the learning environment using technology Participants will learn strategies on how to incorporate avatars, interactive learning activities, and Blackboard Collaborate tools into their courses to engage learners. Examples from actual courses will be featured along with instructional design considerations. Learner feedback will be shared to support the efficacy of the educational strategy. 50 Minute Lecture Jennifer Owens
Bob Ervin
David Smith
LEC47438 - Professional education market update Discover what's coming for Blackboard Learn, Collaborate, Mobile and SaaS deployment. 50 Minute Lecture Brian Marvin
LEC47463 - The Key to 21st Century Leadership Based on Admiral Stavridis’ nearly four decades of military service, he advocates a unique model of “leader as servant.” He believes in the power of people and shares with audiences specific ways to unlock their strength through positive reinforcement and innovative incentive systems. In particular, he helps audiences leverage lessons learned from their own experiences, understand how to identify role models and gain insight into leadership strategies from other cultures—both the positives and negatives. Date: Wednesday, July 13th Time: 1:30 - 2:20pm Location: Lido3101B 50 Minute Lecture Admiral James Stavridis
LEC47732 - Developing the integrated student learning universe Universities invest considerable millions of dollars in operating a range of products and services in order to facilitate the learning. In most cases, this starts with traditional on-campus modality and is then augmented by some form of CMS/LMS. From there, many other products and serves are added on, such as virtual classrooms, online proctoring services, social learning media etc. Typically, this growth in products and services lacks a cohesive vision. How does a University determine whether it has a complete set of products and services to meet student learning needs? How does it know whether these are integrated so as to optimise the student learning environment? This presentation addresses these questions by presenting a three-layer student-centred framework. The first layer considers the range of student engagements (e.g. with content, learning colleagues, activities). The second layer considers how student-facing systems (e.g. LMS, virtual classrooms, libraries) respond to these needs. The third layer considers the backroom architecture required to ensure the student-facing systems operate seamlessly to achieve an optimal student experience. 50 Minute Lecture Martin Carroll
LEC47753 - Using Bb to support STEM and STEAM in ES Teaching students to code and develop an early understanding of engineering and math using robots and 3D printing is happening in elementary schools. This session will look at how Ashlawn ES is using Bb to support students in grades 4 and 5 with relevant information to keep them on track with their projects and communicate with parents. 50 Minute Lecture Larry Fallon
LEC47811 - Deep caliper event integration- Blackboard Learn & Kaltura video platform Representatives from Kaltura and Blackboard will demonstrate integration of Caliper events from the Kaltura Video Platform tool provider within the student activity Caliper event stream from the Blackboard tool consumer, as well as discuss the co-development effort that built upon the existing LTI integration between the systems, and talk about potential future milestones to achieve around the goal of getting a fuller picture of student activity across a wide range of learning tools. 50 Minute Lecture Daniel Knight
Jeff Rubenstein
Dan Rinzel
LEC47931 - Increasing Student Success with a Virtual Ambassador Program Have you ever looked at your virtual school's completion rate or academic success rate and thought there must be something more you can do? Are you just not seeing the level of student engagment in your online courses? Come learn how one virtual program in Central Florida faced these same questions and found a solution. We launched the Virtual Ambassador program two years ago, and our data shows the program is a success. This session will take you through what our Ambassador program consists of, the steps to launch your own Ambassador program, and hear about the pitfalls to avoid in order to maximize success. 50 Minute Lecture Amy Blowers
LEC47953 - Impacts of mobile communication on a large, diverse district Socorro Independent School District serves over 45,000 students at 47 campuses, comprising the second largest school district in El Paso, a border city in far west Texas neighboring Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Over 90 percent of our students are of Hispanic descent, with over 70 percent economically disadvantaged. SISD implemented the Parent Link mobile app in November 2015 as a means for supporting the five directions of Superintendent Dr. Jose A. Espinoza’s strategic action plan. In order to effectively roll out this implementation, the Public Relations and Information Technology departments collaborated directly to plan the app configuration and functions, marketing campaign, and training strategies. District staff provides ongoing support to campus staff members, employees, and parents to promote the “district in your hand” app. 40 minutes Lecture Elizabeth Akers
Elizabeth Rios
LEC47975 - Platforms & people: the secret to increasing learner progression results Having worked with over 150,000 learners and various learning institutions in the past four years, the key to progression and completion is to keep learners engaged and supported throughout their learning journey - from assessment and on-boarding, creating a study plan and milestones, peer-to-peer and mentoring engagement, to progression and completion. Learn how to leverage the right platforms and people to drive progression with a robust learner-centric experience and ensure learner success. Learn how to leverage platforms and people to: • Support student progression and success with an enhanced learner-centric end-to-end experience. • Drive results with meaningful data and analytics. • Scale and grow your learner numbers while keeping your business agile. 50 Minute Lecture Sol Lukatsky
LEC48078 - It's All About the PD! Join the Calcasieu Parish eLearning team as they share their comprehensive technology professional development program for all employees. Being a 16 year Blackboard client our district's elearning program has quite a repertoire of courses and resources. The district takes pride in the many uses of Blackboard which include professional development, school based management, department management, virtual classrooms, teacher classroom websites, teacher virtual storage (content collection), teacher mentoring courses, as well as blended learning courses. Presenters will share all Blackboard Learn resources for the Impact Project, ITEC model classrooms, Tech Camp, Online Professional Development and More! The District's newest project "Get Your Hands-on Technology" will be shared. Specific Blackboard courses will be showcased for this project and will include Twitter for the K-12 Teacher, Pinterest in the Classroom, iPads across the curriculum, Google Tools in the Classroom as well as all Blackboard specific tools courses, Attendees will have access to Blackboard content via link given in the session. 50 Minute Lecture Dr Sheryl Abshire
Kim Leblanc
Lisa Mullett
LEC48161 - Blackboard: The Minds Nutrition An unique approach to utilizing Blackboard Learn for K-12 students wanting to make their mark on the world. One high school student's goal to help educate younger kids on nutrition beyond her local town, combined with Blackboard Learn's cohesive tool set achieved this teen's goal. Blackboard Learn provided a free and safe "one stop classroom" that combines Blackboard Learn tools and third party applications like SoftChalk. Teachers, students, parents along with age appropriate lessons, smart views, building blocks, email, videos, games, and digital badges have built this student's teaching tool. An unintentional but beneficial opportunity for this students K-12 community was to see Blackboard as more than just a grade and test repository, while exposing the student to the challenges her teachers face in integrating technology into the classroom. 50 Minute Lecture Melissa Stange
Rachel Stange
LEC48291 - Blended learning through the eyes of a second grader Take a look at a typical day in the life of a second grade blended learning student. Let second graders show you how they are responsible for their own learning, how they choose with whom and where to work, and how they are able to move at their own place in a class of 25 students. 50 Minute Lecture Paula Barr
LEC48351 - Digital teaching and learning at Laureate education: exploring myths and best practices Address concerns (i.e., myths, fears, etc.) that many faculty members have about digital education, and learn more about some of the best practices in this area. In addition, we'll cover faculty and student examples from around the Laureate Network that highlight the value of digital teaching and learning. The intention of this session is not to provide a comprehensive overview of this important subject, but rather to demystify the concerns that face-to-face instructors raise when the topic of integrating digital learning into their curriculum comes up. 50 Minute Lecture Van Davis
Barry Sugarman
LEC48375 - Blackboard buzzwords: adopting K-12 best practices online, locally, and internationally Educators are famous for their alphabet soup of acronyms and catchy buzzwords used to refer to educational initiatives. Good educators realize that whether you are a veteran teacher or just starting out, knowing the latest educational jargon and being able to implement successful strategies in the classroom are paramount for student achievement. For online learners, educational buzzwords can be just as important but are often applied in a very different way. In this session, Jenison International Academy, a fully-online program, will demonstrate how current buzzwords are being utilized within their Blackboard system to improve K-12 student success and learning, both locally and internationally. 50 Minute Lecture Rebekah Redmer
Kristin Graham
Cameron Kuiper
LEC48416 - Blackboard Collaborate: Strategies and considerations for institutional adoption Since adopting Blackboard Collaborate in 2012 as part of its integrated cross-platform solution with Blackboard Learn and Mobile, Northern Illinois University (NIU) has been achieving tremendous success with its comprehensive online learning and collaboration tool. With over five hundred Collaborate sessions being hosted each academic semester for delivering live classes, meetings, and monthly online faculty development sessions, it's no surprise that NIU decided to take the next leap forward in upgrading to Collaborate with the Ultra experience. In this session, we will share NIU's recent Blackboard Collaborate roll-out strategy, practices, and lessons learned. Learn how NIU's carefully planned adoption approach has been helping to make anytime synchronous collaboration simpler, more reliable, and more enjoyable. Bring your own questions and experiences and join in the discussion! 50 Minute Lecture Jason Rhode
Jeff Geronimo
Stephanie Richter
LEC48421 - Increasing technology adoption and optimizing technology investments in higher ed There are more than 3,000 educational technology products available to instructors and instructional designers to use in their courses. In this session, we will explore the educational technology landscape and have a conversation around the questions below: - How do we know what products work and in what context? - How do we work with third-party companies to build educational technology products that benefit students, instructors and the institutions? - How do we evaluate these products at scale and examine their effect on instruction? - How do we integrate and increase adoption of these products in Blackboard? 50 Minute Lecture Philippos Savvides
LEC48471 - Content creation, cloud storage, Qwickly and Blackboard - Powerful integration and simplified workflows Cloud-based Content Creation and Storage with services like Google Apps, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. have become the norm in K-12 education. Our students are effectively creating and collaborating across, classrooms, towns, and the country. Many of our teachers run their whole class from their Google Drive. Students share documents and folders, teachers share documents and folders, and in the end, few people can find anything when it’s needed. Blackboard and the Qwickly integration provide the organized learning environment our teachers and students need while allowing them to continue to develop in an environment where they are most comfortable. Join us for a discussion of the ways we’re currently using these tools and where we see this going in the future. 50 Minute Lecture Ben Hodges
Ryan King
LEC48491 - Reinventing ourselves:How the transition to Blackboard Learn benefitted us JCPSeSchool has been heavily entrenched in the Angel LMS since 1999. In 2015 we began the immense task of moving to Blackboard Learn. The transition turned out to be exactly what we needed at just the right time. We will explore how the transition has: 1. given the teaching staff the opportunity to move beyond a time of complacency to examine our pedagogy and modify our delivery of online learning opportunities. 2. drawn the faculty closer together in professional learning communities as we worked together to transition while ensuring fidelity to our mission and students. 3. breathed new life into the faculty as we have applied Learn’s offerings to our content as well as inspiring development and implementation of some unconventional adaptations of Learn in our program. We are now at the phase of transition where we are evaluating and streamlining based on observations and input from students and teachers. 50 Minute Lecture Amos Hall
LEC48493 - Using learning analytics for increased student engagement in Blackboard solutions As academic technologies are increasingly incorporated into online and onground classrooms, the data collected about student interactions with these systems creates valuable insights. In this presentation, we will discuss Learning Analytics based on this data from Blackboard and other scholars and demonstrate how this data can be used to understand student achievement and engagement. We will also look at how these research findings are being incorporated into Blackboard solutions and services. By using Learning Analytics, faculty can better understand how students are interacting with course materials and use this understanding to increase student engagement, ultimately leading to better student outcomes and retention. 50 Minute Lecture John Whitmer
Dan Rinzel
LEC48502 - Customize Learn with CSS and JavaScript injection We will present our technique for simplifying the customization and targeting of Blackboard Learn, using CSS and JavaScript injection. This method does not require administrator access and allows for experimentation without affecting other sites in the environment. We will demonstrate how to override Learn's installation-wide CSS to display unique designs for home pages at the institution, program, and course levels; how to customize the look of tests; how to embed common instructions across courses that are read from a single source; how to enhance quiz feedback by inserting content from HTML lecture pages; and how to display different instructions to students or faculty automatically, without Adaptive Release. We will explain the basics of JavaScript injection, where to store elements for the greatest flexibility, and tips and tricks for customizing Learn's CSS. 50 Minute Lecture Andrew Abrahamson
Dan Hillman
LEC48801 - Implementation to insight: delivering wins in less than a year In late fall 2014, Appalachian State University began the process of implementing Blackboard Analytics Student Data Warehouse tool and Pyramid’s reporting tool to help the institution measure its performance by accessing and enabling its data for insights and data-driven decision making. Following an iterative approach, Appalachian State was able to quickly deliver access to institutional performance data and training to a select group of users. By leveraging this data access and enablement tool, Appalachian State was able to quickly answer institutional questions once considered beyond reach or too time consuming, and in turn was able to begin challenging anecdotal assumptions long held at the institution. 50 Minute Lecture Rachel Serrano
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